BB Plus Foundation

  • Product Code: 58734
  • Product Name: BB Plus Foundation
  • Light Sensing Foundation
  • Covers Spots and Dark Circles
  • Evens Out Skin Tone
  • Natural Coverage and Finish
  • Minimize the Size of Pores
  • Suitable For All Skin Types


Kiss Beauty BB Plus Foundation is a light-sensing foundation that auto-adjusts to your skin tone giving you a more youthful appearance. It provides natural coverage and finishes while hiding spots, and dark circles, minimizes pores, and evens out skin tone while remaining breathable, so no mask effect or irritation. Its hyaluronic acid formula moisturizes the skin while giving it a supple feel. It is completely oil free which makes it suitable for all skin types like oily, dry, normal, and sensitive. 


Its adaptive color adjustment technology allows it to sense the amount of light in your environment, hence the name BB Plus – Beauty Balancing Plus. It has a liquid creamy texture that glides on smoothly, evenly, and effortlessly. The beauty blender sponge allows for easy application, providing a smooth finish to the skin.


BB Plus Foundation is a light, serum-like foundation with three functions: spot concealer, brightener and cover. It has skin whitening and anti-wrinkle effects that provide sheer to medium coverage. The product’s key ingredients include safflower extract for moisturizing, marine plant extract for anti-aging, green tea for soothing the skin, and seaweed extract for improving pores.

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