Aloe Lip Tint

  • Product Code: 7799
  • Product Name: Aloe Lip Tint
  • Moisturizing Formula
  • Smooth Lip Lines
  • Non-Sticky and Non-Greasy
  • Long-Lasting, Waterproof, and Sweat Proof
  • Soft Texture
  • Won’t Flake or Cake
  • Easy to Apply
  • Comfortable Wear


Kiss Beauty Aloe Lip Tint is infused with healthy ingredients containing natural plant extracts including aloe vera which adds a delicate touch to your lips brightening the color and smoothing lip lines. These moisturizing ingredients alleviate the dryness of lips making them persistently moist, refreshed, and non-sticky.


Aloe Lip Tint changes the color according to the temperature and humidity of the lips adjusting to the depth creating a color that truly belongs to your lip color. This lip tint is waterproof, sweat-proof, and nonfading which will give you a long-lasting makeup effect.


Kiss Beauty Aloe Lip Tint has a delicate and smooth color that gives lasting three-dimensional makeup look to your lips by adding a bit of shine. Its saturated color, soft texture, and strong adhesion will make it your favorite in no time. 


Aloe Lip Tint is a soothing and lightweight moisturizing formula that glides on smoothly. Its soft texture allows for even color application, resulting in a perfect lipstick every time. Lips become smooth and silky with an incredibly light feel. It is a moisturizing long-lasting tinted lip balm that gives you smooth, hydrated, and plump lips. 


The tint helps you create an even layer of color over your lips, giving them a perfect pop of natural color. This product can be used by itself or on top of lipstick to create stylish and trendy looks!


Just glide on Aloe Lip Tint to define and shape your pout. It’s perfect for those who want a naturally defined lip line but don’t want the hassle of pencil or lipstick smudges. Made with a blend of moisturizing ingredients, it won’t dry out your lips while keeping them supple and smooth.

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