4D 4H Black Eyeliner

  • Product Code: 57647
  • Product Name: 4D 4H Black Eyeliner
  • Jet Black Pigmented Ink
  • Durable Performance
  • Quick Drying
  • 24 Hours Wear Time
  • Smudge-Free and Flake-Free
  • Waterproof


Kiss Beauty 4D 4H Black Eyeliner comes in jet black pigment with a long-lasting formula that dries quickly to give you a smudge and flake-free eyeliner every time. It is waterproof, so it won’t fade even if you cry or get caught in the rain. The ink pigments will not crack or fade. Its unique formula gives your eyes an intense color that lasts all day.


4D 4H Black Eyeliner comes with a quick-drying formula that allows you to complete your look quickly without smudging, flaking or wearing off throughout the day. It is made of a water-based emulsion, which helps achieve a vibrant color while also ensuring it stays put on your lids all day long.


It glides on easily without skipping or pulling and has long-lasting wear. Its ultra-fine tip gives a smooth, precise application with no skipping or tugging. The ink dries quickly to an intense, waterproof finish that lasts up to 24 hours! It’s the ideal liner for expert precision and effortless application. A perfect choice for those who prefer a softer look.


It delivers bold, dramatic, and smudge-free definitions all day long. It is rich in antioxidants and offers long-lasting moisture with a smooth finish. Kiss Beauty 4D 4H Black Eyeliner ensures that the rich color payoff of your makeup stays true until you are ready to remove

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